Week Four

Photo One - Durham rowing practice

Photo Two - Reflected reflections - late evening sun on the river 

Photo Three - The old bridge at Durham
Photo Four - Spring Greens


  1. Best week yet. All top notch stuff, and number 1; good grief that is a good shot! Hello number 3; is that a rare James Broscombe monochrome I spot in the wild? Excellent photos all.

  2. Thanks Nikhil... But how about I went with just very minimal saturation with number 3 - would it be better? You should see how much they overlight that bridge at night - you can see the shadow way up on the Cathedral behind it.. I was temped to put a bedsheet over their floodlights!

    As for number 4, how about a closer crop to just the wavy trees and a pano-upright format? Hmmmm