Week Fourteen

Photo One - Riddlestone Moor Trig Point
Photo Two - Late Evening at Derwent Water
Photo Three - Sunset Wheat Fields
Photo Four - Penshaw Monument near Sunderland


  1. Sunset Wheat Fields . . . wow! Amazing photo. Don't suppose you could have kicked the sunning fellow off the Monument? :) I'd have done that one in black & white as the shadows would have been the key for me, but I do like your colour shot.

  2. Funny - I chose a version with someone in to add a little scale - it looks like a toy without them lying there (recovering from running up the hill, rather than sunning!)... I do have a panorama from the centre spot which I will have a go at stitching together sometime, but I think for this monument, I really need to return at night!

  3. getting harder and harder to choose!