Week Seven

Photo one - A wet walk above Hepworth as the evening sun tries to break through

Photo Two - Old Church
Photo Three - Deer farm near York

Photo Four - A strangely bright patch of trees!


  1. Not so keen on number 2 but that is the only one of this set. I really like your different (wider and more inclusive) take on the tree trunks. Usually you find photographers concentrating on a narrower view.

  2. I see the stormy weather prevails! Does make pretty pretty skys though! My favourite is the trees, gorgeous light. :)

  3. Nikhil - It's my challenge this year to take a photo of an English church which you like!

    As for the trees - I really wasn't sure about them; they nearly didn't make it into the choice of four. They seem to be in the lead at the moment though, which just goes to show!

  4. I love the focus on every tree trunk x