Week Six

Photo One - Heptonstall with Stoodley Pike in the background and heavy rain on the way
Photo Two - Sheep behind an old gate near Digley in the Holme Valley
Photo Three - The road to Slack winds through fields
Photo Four - Fields surrounding the village of Holme with dark moorland behind


  1. Stunning colours, overcast days where the sun shines through the clouds can be such a source of photographic nirvana. Glad to see you've made the best of it here. My favourite is photo 2.

  2. Totally agree with Nikhil, storms that are moving away from you are great! :) I think my favourite is 1 or maybe 4. Did you use a grey grad?

  3. Sadly, these storms (especially on the first photo) were coming right at me! The last photo I took on the first view has drops of rain on the lens and a black sky right in front of me.. I had to run for the car! Photo 1 definitely has a grey grad; Photo 4 doesn't (I think!) as I snapped it after shooting the sheep!

  4. we do get some fab skies in Britain don't we....